Ep 30 - We Are So Woo (Cheese, Cheese, Bottle Food)


How many musicians does it take to change a strobe light?     1:16 :51                                                                          Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                         CoHost  :  Peter Feliciano                                                          Guests: Lizzie Karr and  Babette

How many musicians does it take to change a strobe light?


1:16:51                                                                          Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                     CoHost:  Peter Feliciano                                                        Guests: Lizzie Karr and  Babette

Ep 30 - We Are So Woo (Cheese, Cheese, Bottle Food)

SK is nothing if not a uniter. Indeed, his brand of match making has resulted in more than a few weddings ...  shotgun or otherwise.  And now, with his 30th episode, he has been able to demonstrate that not only can he bring people together, he can keep them together - united in their exasperation with him.  We give you the case of Peter Feliciano and Lizzie Karr:

It is clear from the beginning of the Podcast that something is wrong with co-host, Pete. His intro is off and his microphone is on.  Could it be nerves? Maybe he is stressed because his girlfriend and sometime-collaborator, Lizzie Karr is in the bomb shelter? Perhaps he has to tinkle.  In any case, the signs of a crack in their relationship are easy for SK to concoct.  

The classic 1st sign that a relationship is having difficulties is a distancing of one partner from the other. Lizzie has just spent 6 months touring China - sometimes not hating it.

Sign # 2 is developing friendships with others of the opposite sex. Pete has written 2 songs for and been invited to dinner by, throng member, Drama Mama. (We're talking Quinoa people!)

A third sign is a lack of similar interests. Such as Lizzie enjoying the Bay lights and SF MOMA while Pete wants to steel from the coffers of the organizations who support these installations and, like some sort of misguided and portly Robin Hood, give it to poor saxophone players.

But just when all looks grim for our couple, SK comes to their rescue by bringing the two together in song.  Also Babette and her disgust with the bathroom habits of the people of China never fail to bring racists together.

Show Notes

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