SK Morton's Lousy Tour Affiliate Program 


Would you like to make a little extra cash?  Sure you would.  Who wouldn't?  Some rich fat cat who doesn't even carry his own gold-plated golf clubs probably.  I hate that guy.  Who does he think he is?  So rich that he lights his $20 bills with $100 bills.  Eating Faberge omelets for breakfast.  Flying all over the world, scooping up little brown orphans,  just so he can fill in that map on his Facebook profile.  Treating everybody around him like they were his servants because most of the time they are his servants.  Driving around and ramming other cars just because he has great insurance.   Calls the President's wife "toots".   He's probably just some trust fund baby who hasn't even done a real day's work in his entire life.  Just sitting there, all rich and fat, playing with his ball of yarn and posting home movies on YouTube.  Sounds pretty great huh?  Well here's how you get started:

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