Ep 31 - WTSK?


Maybe we'll change the name of the podcast to TMI.     45 :18                                                                         Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                       Announcer  : Peter Feliciano

Maybe we'll change the name of the podcast to TMI.


45:18                                                                         Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                 Announcer: Peter Feliciano

Ep 31 - WTSK?

It's very simple and also very deficient.  SK Morton, quite frankly, lacks the talent, skill, knowledge and charisma (She was going to come but had the lunch shift that day) to pull off a podcast by himself.  And yet that is exactly what he attempted to do this week as he was shrewdly abandoned by the rest of his crew and the studio audience failed to materialize due to an omitted step in his Peter Brady magic-by-numbers at-home illusion kit.

Pete makes a cameo by phone to deliver the show introduction and from there the podcast takes a sharp turn into ruin.  The first sign of trouble comes with a death announcement.  To recover, SK decides to pep things up with a quick discussion of the 1906 earthquake and fire.  

After mentioning the postponed reopening of Delores Park -  but before commenting on another tour bus incident (With a fatality this time) and the mysterious closing of Rasputin Music on Powell Street -  SK attempts a rant.  While falling short of a tirade and coming within a loud whisper of a diatribe he was able to salvage an ill informed misrepresentation of Nerds, Hipsters and Techies.

So, not to put too fine a point on it, SK revealed too much of himself this week and can only hope that some of the throng find some guilty pleasure in his implosion or at least need some background noise while they scrape at their asbestos popcorn ceiling.  Boomer Lives!