Do your best to enjoy our 5 episode set of shows recorded live at FAME venue on Broadway in San Francisco

Ep 69 - A Vacuum Of Culture

"No risk, no reward". that's what, stunt man, Evel Kneivel, was fond of repeating while consuming his meals through a straw. In April of 2017 the Lousy Podcast embarked on a 5-week stint at the Fame venue in SF...Drink up!

Ep 70 - Walking Tour Plugs Galore

Hi Kids! SK Morton here of SK Morton's Lousy San Francisco Podcast and Walking Tour. I want to help you get started in the Lousy.  No co-signers and no credit references necessary. Se habla Espanol!

Ep 71 - A Blur Of Fun

Have any of these blurbs ever been complimentary of Pete? If not, I would like to use this space to apologize. If so, I would like to do the same.

Ep 72 - 8:00pm In The Web Of Deceit & Love

What qualities does SK Morton have that would compel me to listen to his Lousy Podcast? Answer: He's in bed each night, promptly at 9:00, and he's a stickler for regular meals.

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