Imagine Don Rickles as the skipper of a Disneyland river boat.  Now look at your man.  Now think of Rickles again.  Now your man.  Now Rickles.  Now imagine being entertained and educated by an ill-informed San Francisco native as you discover the world famous neighborhoods and landmarks of the city by the bay all from the comfort of your own two feet.

The Lousy San Francisco walking tour is the illegitimate brain-child of local Humorist, award winning tour guide, and some-time personal antagonist, SK Morton. SK’s been walking in the City for almost 50 years - often with little help from others. He prides himself on his knowledge of the city and will draw on that expertise as well as his proclivity to lie in order to answer any questions you may have during this small group excursion.  

Gain an insider’s perspective on the quirky tales of gold-rush era history and stories of the City’s rebirth after the 1906 earthquake on this lively and wholly entertaining exploration of the heart of San Francisco. Whether a visitor or a local, you’ll find these tours the perfect way to kill some time since the Alcatraz trip is totally filled up already...Now Rickles.

Note:  All tours include bottled water, candy, a souvenir drawstring back pack and access to a library of pictures on your own mobile device.

There is never any profanity on the tour but if you are uncomfortable with decidedly non-PC style humor you might want to try another provider…hockey puck.