Ep 66 - Nutter Butter Boots On The Red Carpet


   #imwithboots     1:09:30                                               Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                   CoHost:  Peter Feliciano                                       




1:09:30                                               Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                   CoHost:  Peter Feliciano                                       

Ep 66 - Nutter Butter Boots On The Red Carpet

Brace yourselves. We liked this one. Regular listener to the Lousy Podcast may have noticed a distinct gap in our regular posts. While not "worth the wait" this week's episode is a good place to start over.

Admittedly, it starts with some trepidation as SK & Pete wonder if paint fumes are what kept the Throng away but things pick up with a discussion of the 50 year anniversary of the summer of love and it's mob connections. There's also the story of Boots Hughston, a hard-boiled private eye with an ear for music and a nose and throat guy with questionable credentials.

SK tries to introduce a new segment - Rage against the magazine - but when it fails to catch fire the whole thing crumbles.

The entire back half of the show is dedicated to emails. And it becomes quite enlightening as we get travel tips to Nebraska, instruction from Riley the Koala guy, and parenting tips by SK (Hint: less wire hangers, more Nutter Butters).

And the anchor of the show: SK's 2nd annual Oscar predictions. Hop on board the white guilt express.