Ep 60 - Dueling Ponchos


He aint heavy, he's my goiter  57 :50                                                                             Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                         CoHost  :  Pete Feliciano                                             Producer/Sound Engineer:  Squidge McSqueezy                    Guests: Shantwon Zee

He aint heavy, he's my goiter

57:50                                                                             Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                     CoHost:  Pete Feliciano                                             Producer/Sound Engineer:  Squidge McSqueezy                  Guests: Shantwon Zee

Ep 60 - Dueling Ponchos

This week's episode was designed to demonstrate to both Peter Feliciano as well as Shantwon Zee that when we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail. The denial of this cliched yet undeniable fact was the only thing on which these two staples of the Lousy Podcast could find an accord.

Originally conceived as a battle of the bands - Shantwon the original Lousy Podcast house band, and Pete: professional musician and pretty good candidate for the lap band - neither showed up with their guitars. However, Shantwon did surprise the throng with his latest project, a ukulele. In his capable hands the show was by most accounts a disaster.

After an ode to SK by Shantwon, attention was paid to our latest and first Patreon patrons, Elaine Sack and Matthew Neathery - the latter getting a serenaid of his own by Pete. Then a brief misstep when we accidentally talked about something relevant to San Francisco, the new MUNI trains.

Interspersed between covers of Hotel California & Pixar's Lava Theme and originals like Wish I Were Like Shantwon & You're Not Enjoying This, we managed to talk a little about Marine Layer Workshop in the old Lumiere Theater, Rogue One, the Fillmore arches (Old and new), Illuminate the Arts SF and Bucky Balls.

It was a hard luck show with a taste of justice but with all of this, we're confident that the Throng will not abandon us and that our Patreon campaign will finally take off. No Comeupins!