Ep 56 - Paradigms of Human Lousy


What would the Throng do without us?     1:05 :27                                                                         Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                         CoHost  :  Pete Feliciano                                             Producer/Sound Engineer:  Squidge McSqueezy            

What would the Throng do without us?


1:05:27                                                                         Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                     CoHost:  Pete Feliciano                                             Producer/Sound Engineer:  Squidge McSqueezy          

Ep 56 - Paradigms of Human Lousy

The year is 2016 (Duh). The host, SK Morton, also known as Ukelele Ike. The program: the Lousy San Francisco Podcast; it is the first all-talking, all-singing, all-disappointing podcast ever recorded. In the years that followed, "Singin' in the Rain" would be replaced as SK's theme song with a more accurate, "Muttering to Himself on the Sidewalk".

Over the past 2 years, SK has produced over 55 podcast episodes. And if you had to select one bit from one episode, that would best represent the Lousy Podcast, I have a feeling that the vote would be unanimous, especially among the Throng, and that's why we've saved the best for some show way off in the future - perhaps some of us will survive to hear it.

The Lousy Podcast won the title of Best Off-The-Wall Experience in San Francisco in 2016 because of their plying the studio audience with sugary snacks and flat Pellegrino, but the constant laughing at their own jokes is as tiresome as the day you and I first heard it.

This week we remember Coco Bear, StealthCat, Fat Baby Toes, the Snail Assassin, Crazy Johnny, and Tony Quarington; all in addition to a flimsey theme that's forgotten about or dropped 3 clips in. But you'll love it - it's nostalgic - like a Scoliosis test.

Co-hosted by Peter Feliciano, engineered by Squidge McSqueezy, and choreographed by Gene Kelly, this week's Lousy Podcast can only be described as SK's masterpiece of phoning it in.