Ep 17 - A New Low


Co-Coco-hosts Snaps and DHB simulate what they believe to be distinguished in a classical pose.     1:13 :43                                                                          Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                              Co-Coco-hosts:  DHB & Snaps                                 Guest: Babette

Co-Coco-hosts Snaps and DHB simulate what they believe to be distinguished in a classical pose.


1:13:43                                                                          Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                            Co-Coco-hosts:  DHB & Snaps                                 Guest: Babette


Ep 17 - A New Low

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a lousy podcast to abandon all hope of wholesome entertainment, and to assume among the throng that decency and respect for other's opinions must be sacrificed for the sake of expediency, then blurb tradition requires that a summation of that podcast be outlined which impels us to such nonsense.

Whereas this week, the bomb shelter, being plenteously audienceless, SK heretofore begins a nervous thread involving bathroom etiquette, procedure and cleanliness.

Whereas this week's celebrity guest reaffirmed the illegitimacy of the podcast by abandoning both SK as well as folly and cancelling his appearance, the show was to make due with the company of two new co-Coco-hosts:  Hawaiian ex-patriot, DHB; and future deportee, Snaps.

Whereas Babette's precipitous arrival served, not as a bulwark for declinatory argument, but rather as a provocateur for the objectification of both women and men as well as mythical Norse gods.

Whereas the purpose of the podcast is to discuss the past, present & future of the great city of San Francisco, the band of lackeys is only scarcely able to make a token nod at informing their audience with a cursory discussion of the Presidio (With a promotion of SK Morton's Amnesty Pond), the Willows pleasure garden, the village of Yerba Buena, ironic addresses for the city's churches and parking in San Francisco.

Whereas SK possesses an inherent ability to peer deep inside the human soul, He acts as the arbiter of which movies and television shows are good and which are bad, which sports are of qualifying interest, where racism goes wrong and why Daryl Hannah should be ashamed.

We, therefore, the representatives of the Throng, in a general malaise, assembled and appealing for attention do solemnly publish and declare, that this episode of the Lousy Podcast to be free of, and absolved from, any pretense of a pursuit of happiness.  And for the support of this declaration, we mutually pledge to not make eye contact.

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