Ep 16 - Yelling Fire Chief in a Crowded Bomb Shelter


Babette digs that smokey aroma of firemen     1:22 :40                                                                          Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                              Chief Musical Officer:  Shantwon Zee                                 Guests:  Henry "Jim" Larkin; Babette

Babette digs that smokey aroma of firemen


1:22:40                                                                          Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                                            Chief Musical Officer:  Shantwon Zee                                 Guests:  Henry "Jim" Larkin; Babette

Ep 16 - Yelling Fire Chief In A Crowded Bomb Shelter

One thing that really burns my butt is a flame about 3 feet tall.  This and many other fire related jokes were never employed in this, our 16th crack at public humiliation. This is owing mainly to the fact that most fire related jokes (At least the non-horrific ones) just aren't that funny.  Of course, "not that funny" is right in our wheel house.

The show starts off without much fuel.  We have no Coco-host, no Squidge and no audience. Fire Captain Henry "Jim" Larkin shows up but too late to revive a dying introduction.  A discussion of one of SK's recent tours results in a hazardous situation - a new song by Shantwon, "I stole the moment".

The conversation appears to heat up with an email about the Pacific Ocean and its warm water Blob, however any expectation for stimulating debate is quickly snuffed out by a droning on about the new MUNI schedule and bus stops.  The talk gets so dry we are ultimately required to keep a 30 foot defensible space between it and the bomb shelter.

Just when it looks like we will all be asphyxiated by indifference (Mitch Albom's latest best seller),  Babette enters and injects some much needed fresh air into the proceedings by regaling us with tales of her exploits in the old west as well as exposing SK's lack of funds when it came time to pop the question. 

SK's history lesson about the SFFD threatens to smother any spark of appeal that the podcast may have had when Jim attempts to rekindle interest with ghost stories and accounts of working out with Jim Jones in the '70s.

Sufficed to say, this week, as with most around here, there was never any danger of the podcast catching fire - It's all suppressed with Pelligrino

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