Ep 13 - Bean Cones


Indigo poses with a remnant of the Throng.     1:10 :39                                                                                              Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                        Producer/Sound Engineer:  Squidge McSqueezy                   President of Music  :  Shantwon Zee                                                 Guests:  Indigo Java & Babette

Indigo poses with a remnant of the Throng.


1:10:39                                                                                              Writer/Editor:  SK Morton                                      Producer/Sound Engineer:  Squidge McSqueezy                   President of Music:  Shantwon Zee                                               Guests:  Indigo Java & Babette

Ep 13 - Bean Cones

Once upon a time there was a Lousy Podcast.  Ostensibly its purpose was to convey information about the City of San Francisco to its listeners but in reality it was a way for its host, SK Morton, to get people to talk to him.

One day SK noticed that it was time for the podcast. He gathered information about the Waldo tunnel and Jerry's Toys on Market street and even where to find some decent burritos.  He called all of his friends and asked, "Who will be on time to my podcast?"

"Not I" said Shantwon Zee, who was busy picking out just the right mesh muscle shirt for his performance of The Fresh and Easy Song.

"Not I" said Squidge McSqueezy, who was busy sorting fly crap out of his pepper.

"Not I" said the studio audience who were busy updating their status to "disinterested".

"Not I" said Babette, who almost certainly was held up doing something terribly important and should never be lumped in with the likes of Shantwon and Squidge and is absolutely deserving of a back rub sweetie:)

SK's only friend to show up on time was Indigo Java, and he came bearing the gift of a cruise to the Bahamas. "Who will take this Bahamas cruise?" asked SK and Indigo.

"We will" cried Shantwon, Squidge, the studio audience and Babette (Who was the only one derserving among them).

SK looked at his friends and replied, "Bean cones!" That's what I says. "Bean cones!"

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