Fun with Optimization #1

In an effort to get more people to view my new website I have been told that I must optimize. (I just learned how to Zumba and now I have to optimize?) Victoria Edwards who has been working in social media for 8 years and currently works for a not-for profit health solutions company says that Carolyn Shelby, an SEO director explained that one should think of their website like a cake.  She said a lot more than that but, as has been my want since childhood, she had me at cake.  So here goes our first installment of:

Fun with Optimization

I like cake.  I especially like cake with humor blog all over it.  When I bite into a cake with little pieces of walking tours, I think to myself, “Self, You should write a book about San Francisco cake.  The kind of San Francisco cake that walks around and points out interesting facts about the city in a humorous way.” I Think I’ll do just that.  In the meantime I’ll be sure to be funny, excellent and radiant.  I’ll be some cake.


Next week:  A story about content, Performance, Authority and user experience and how they relate to cake.