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Fun with Optimization #2

Fun with Optimization

Once upon time SK Morton wrote funny things.  Made website. Wanted people see funny website first. Did research. Said don't make read like sentence. Guess talk like Cookie Monster. SK Morton like walking too. SK Morton walk and talk and charge money.  Call it Lousy Tour.  Find hard to be funny without pronouns. Maybe put something in cookies. Make everything funny. Put in pronouns maybe make something funny - anything.  Me give up. Prefer cake.

Posted on May 19, 2014 and filed under Fun with Optimization.

Fun with Optimization #1

In an effort to get more people to view my new website I have been told that I must optimize. (I just learned how to Zumba and now I have to optimize?) Victoria Edwards who has been working in social media for 8 years and currently works for a not-for profit health solutions company says that Carolyn Shelby, an SEO director explained that one should think of their website like a cake.  She said a lot more than that but, as has been my want since childhood, she had me at cake.  So here goes our first installment of:

Fun with Optimization

I like cake.  I especially like cake with humor blog all over it.  When I bite into a cake with little pieces of walking tours, I think to myself, “Self, You should write a book about San Francisco cake.  The kind of San Francisco cake that walks around and points out interesting facts about the city in a humorous way.” I Think I’ll do just that.  In the meantime I’ll be sure to be funny, excellent and radiant.  I’ll be some cake.


Next week:  A story about content, Performance, Authority and user experience and how they relate to cake.

Posted on May 12, 2014 and filed under Fun with Optimization.