Say kids, do you like history?  Arduous treks up steep hills?  How about wind?  Really, really strong wind?  Then have I got a walking tour for you.

SK Morton's Special edition of the Lousy Walking Tour is a mix of the old and the new.  The old is, of course, the outdated sprinkler systems you'll be counting on as you explore many of Chinatown's aging buildings, and the new are the experimental meds I've recently been prescribed.

SPONSORED by Nobody This Week!  This special tour is designed as a sampler and incorporates the best parts from all 3 legs of the original SK Morton's Lousy San Francisco Walking Tour:

  • Hear stories from the birthplace of San Francisco (The city not the saint) at Portsmouth Square.
  • Visualize what it must have been like in the cramped and grimy alleys of Chinatown last week.
  • Have you ever heard of Empire Park? (No premature googling)
  • See where the booze was kept before the earthquake at Hotaling Alley.
  • Find out who Sydney G. Walton was and why he got a Park. (*SK makes no guarantees as to the answering of those questions.)
  • You like stuff? We have some of that in the Embarcadero and the Financial District

And if you're good, maybe have a bite and a pint at the Irish Bank.